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+-Dubstep Program Review: DUBturbo Uncensored




My name is Frank Slinn. And you are about to read my uncensored review of the dubstep program DUBturbo. Please note that this is a review – Click this Link to Discover DUBturbo.

You might be wondering why I’m writing this. Well, I’ve been looking at different beat making programs and wanted to get a straight review out there for a music production software you can use for dubstep. It’s not always easy choosing the right product when there’s such a big selection. I hope this review will come in handy for some of you as you might be in the same position as I was, not being sure what program to get.

This review covers the good, the bad and the ugly on DUBturbo. Whether you want to purchase the program after reading this is up to you.

So here’s my review on DUBturbo, the dubstep program I’m using, I hope this is helpful.


Positive Points:

-The price is reasonable at $39.95 for what you get and this music production software comes with a money back guarantee so if you don’t like it for any reason you can get your money back. I haven’t used the money back guarantee myself. Click this Link to View the DUBturbo Site.

-As with most dubstep programs you get a drum machine panel. A really good thing about DUBturbo is that you can choose from thousands of drum samples (one of the things I like best about it). You can also change your drum kit after you have made your beats.

-You can use it for all kinds of music, not just for dubstep.

-It comes with a lot of features like thousands of different sounds / drum beats and samples (see my features post for more on this).

-DUBturbo gets updated every month with new sounds so it keeps getting better.

-You get 24×7 customer and technical support with DUBturbo.

-If you’re into that sort of thing, DUBturbo have music producing competitions where you can get cash prizes if you win.


Negative Points:

-The tutorials can be a bit long winded. Though if you’re a complete beginner, this could be useful.

-It’s not a browser. You need to install DUBturbo. So put it on a computer you use a lot.

-If you’re doing music professionally, I wouldn’t swap your studio equipment for DUBturbo. It has its limitations around it’s sounds(but then again the program lets you create your own sounds). However, as the program often gets upgraded, I expect this willkeep improving. For the drop bass, I would recommend you get samples of your own, which you can easily get from the internet – Google “drop bass”.



DUBturbo is not without its flaws but it’s the best dubstep program for its price range and I have seen and I checked out a lot of them. I’d get it when you have a lot of time on your hands so that you are able to check it out in detail to see if it’s for you. Once you’ve decided if you want to keep it, you can always get the money back guarantee if you want to.

Click Here if You Want to Read More About DUBturbo on Their Website.

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DUBturbo: Features


Hello Again,

As my first post didn’t cover all the bells and whistles that DUBturbo comes with in a lot of detail, I have decided to create a separate post on its features. So you know what to expect from this dubstep program. Hopefully, you will find this useful.


-They give you a LOT of training material which takes quite a long time to go through. This is something that would be useful if you’re a beginner.

-I wouldn’t class this as a “feature” necessarily but DUBturbo has a support team available 24×7 in case you have any questions or need guidance on making your music. This is also particularly handy if you’re just starting out.


-It comes with 16 tracks, which should be enough for most music.


-DUBturbo offers thousands of sounds that are wav. mastered and stereo imaged.

- If you’re not happy with the sounds it has to offer or have a specific sound you want in your music, this beat making software lets you import your sounds. The number of sounds / samples of your own you can add is unlimited. Or you can edit the sounds that come with the program.

-You also get a panning and reverb function to enhance the sounds on this dubstep program.

-A LOT of samples are included in this music software package (royalty free of course).


-You can choose from thousands of drum samples.

-The drum beats can be activated through your keyboard so you can make your beats manually if you want to.

-There are ten drum pads per drum track, a good range for beat making.


-You will have to get your own bass drop sample to use with DUBturbo. To get this you can google “bass drop sample”. As this music production software is continuously updated, I expect it will have more bass drop samples available shortly.


-DUBturbo gives you a keyboard with four octaves, not quite a piano but it will do for the vast majority of songs.

-You can change the type of instrument you are using for the keyboard on the go. This means that you don’t need to wait for them to load.


-This dubstep program has a similar layout to other Digital Audio Workstations(DAWs). This is handy you decide to transition to another music production software or if you have used another dubstep program previously.

-You can use your keyboard to trigger sounds and drums, you don’t need to buy separate equipment in order to be able to make your beats.

-You have 3 screens and panels, to make it easier to use.

My Summary

All in all the features you get from DUBturbo are all right. It’s a flexible music production software in that you can add your own sounds, samples and recording with it. And again if you’re not sure how to use them you can go through the tutorial or contact the DUBturbo Support Team if you have any specific questions.

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Dubstep Program: My Search




I have been searching through different dubstep programs within a certain budget so under $50 for a good few months. The two “shortlisted packages” I found were DUBturbo and Sonic Producer. Although they are both strong examples of music studio software, I went for DUBturbo.

What swung me was that DUBturbo lets you create your own sounds wherease Sonic Producer doesn’t. For dubstep music I think that getting the right sound is everything so as a dubstep program should have as much flexibility as possible.
Is DUBturbo the best dubstep program out there? For its price range I think it definitely is. And you don’t need to buy a midi keyboard with it like you would with most types of music mixing software.

After having chosen DUBturbo, which I am now using for making beats, I have decided to write a review about it. Most reviews I’ve seen online have very little negative to say about DUBturbo but I wanted to put a balanced review out there as it’s important to know about the pros and cons before you make any purchase.

To Your Musical Success!

Frank Slinn

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